Grid Modernization expert

Clay Collier

Co-Founder and CEO

Clay is Co-Founder of Kisensum, a software firm specializing in Location-based and Energy-optimization applications. The company's first products will optimize the utilization and charging of electric vehicle fleets and will use the EV batteries to participate in the wholesale energy market.

Clay was most recently the Co-Founder and CEO of Akuacom, the inventor of the full suite of software and hardware that created the Automated Demand Response market and led to the OpenADR standard with the support of Southern California Edison, Pacific Gas & Electric, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, and the California Energy Commission. Honeywell acquired Akuacom in 2010 and Clay spent three years in Business Development domestically and internationally. Clay received a B.A. in Physics from UC Berkeley, and has patented multiple technologies in the areas of geospatial and energy systems and software.